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Aftermarket Parking Sensors

Autogizmo can install aftermarket parking sensors

 Total peace of mind whenever you reverse

Little dents, scuffs and scratches make their mark all too easily on your bumpers and body panels when trying to park. Parking sensors help make driving both easier and safer, giving you an invaluable aid to avoid hitting what you can’t see. Sensors can be mounted at the rear of the vehicle to gauge the proximity of objects, and give out an audible/visible warning as you approach them.

Autogizmo offers various sensors to suit your car, from manufacturers including Laserline,  Parksafe and CKO. We also offer a colour-coding service so they blend into your existing paintwork, giving you that factory fitted look without the factory fitted prices. We can come to your work or home and fit these for you while you wait throughout Sussex.

Autogizmo can install flush mounted aftermarket parking sensorsParking sensors can be installed in two different ways – sensors which are mounted behind the bumper and fit flush along the surface giving a more factory fitted look. For this we use Laserline parking sensors, which are supplied and fitted from £200.

Autogizmo can install aftermarket parking sensors onto your carThe second type of sensors are mounted in the bumper from the front using Parksafe sensors, which can be supplied and fitted for £150. Colour coding is available for £25.


If you already have a set of aftermarket, or factory fitted sensors that are no longer working then drop us a call. We service many OE sensors and parking sensors from aftermarket companies such as Cobra, Stalemate and CKO.

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Autogizmo can install laserline parking sensorssteelmateAutogizmo can install Cobra systemspark