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Autogizmo can install hands free in car systems

The safest way to talk behind the wheel

As of May 2013 if you’re caught behind the wheel using your mobile, you will receive 3 penalty points on your licence, an raised fine of £100 and increased premiums on your car insurance. Now ask yourself a question: Why am I running this risk? Especially when you can have a hands-free car kit fully installed from as little as £140 with us!

Here at Autogizmo we have a wide range of different hands free car kits to suit your needs from well known manufacturers including Parrot, Bury and Fiscon. We also offer many stereo upgrades with built hands free connections from JVC, Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer and Alpine, which allow you to use your existing audio system and can even be interfaced with your factory steering wheel controls. So if your thinking of changing or upgrading your existing car stereo, it may be worth considering one that is Bluetooth ready.


Autogizmo can install aftermarket bluetooth hands free kitsThe technology behind hands free car kits has moved on over the past few years, with most products now offering Bluetooth connections, meaning you won’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket to make or receive a call! For those of you who are on the move and don’t often get chance to top up the battery on your phone, we can help with the wide range of phone specific charging holders from Brodit. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to view the cradles and dash brackets available for your phone and vehicle.


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